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Tocot will do no harm.
First appearance (2.22 "Die Me, Dichotomy")
Last appearance (3.01 "Season of Death")
Gender Male
Species Diagnosan
Age Deceased
Portrayed by Thomas Holesgrove; Voiced by Fiona Gentle


Tocot was a Diagnosan medical doctor who lived and operated on an icy planet in the Uncharted Territories. Tocot had a reputation for being one of the best healers in the Territories. Among his accomplishments was his design of Scorpius' coolant suit.

Tocot ran his business with his associate Grunchlk, who handled all of the negotiations for any clients. While he didn't seem to agree with all of Grunchlk's methods, the inability of translator microbes to translate his language made it necessary to have an interpreter and Tocot had to accept Grunchlk's partnership.

Because of Tocot's high sensitivity to microbes and disease, he normally wore a mask when dealing with other species, only taking it off in the presence of his biological neuralizer that he used during operations. In order to provide tissue materials for his patients, Tocot accepted donors who were put into stasis just prior to their deaths and who allegedly would not survive revival. This, however, proved to not be completely true in the case of Jool.

The crew of Moya visited Tocot's planet shortly after their heist of the Shadow Depository to treat Moya's terrible burns as well as to remove the neuro biotracer chip from John Crichton's brain.

Upon negotiating payment, Tocot began immediately treating Moya with anesthetic and salve that would heal her burns. Upon examining Crichton's brain, however, Tocot at first doubted he could remove it without killing the human. Later, after he was able to find three compatible donors in the form of cryogenically suspended Interions, the doctor began operation on Crichton's brain, using the human to guide him through the important areas of John's memory and function while removing more unnecessary areas. Soon, Tocot was able to remove the chip, but was interrupted by the arrival of Scorpius before he could finish the operation. As Crichton watched helplessly, not even able to speak, Scorpius removed Tocot's protective mask and breathed on him, nearly killing him with the microbes in his breath.

Miraculously, Tocot survived long enough for Rygel to arrive, reactivate the biological neuralizer, and revive the Diagnosan. Back in action, Tocot managed to repair Crichton's brain. Shortly after finishing the surgery, Tocot was wandering the facility's halls when he noticed an anomaly with one of the patients' cryogenic pod. Grunchlk responded to his inquiry, trying to warn Tocot to leave it alone and get away from the pod. Tocot's curiosity, however, got the better of him and he soon learned the terrible truth: the cryo pod contained a Scarran who quickly killed the curious doctor.



  • Tocot was played by Thomas Holesgrove, who also plays the Scarran who kills Tocot. In the scene where the Scarran emerges, he's murdering his own character.