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Commander Tollona Javio
Javio, commander of the Gammak Base
First appearance (1.19 "Nerve")
Last appearance (1.19 "Nerve")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Weapon of Choice Pulse pistol
Portrayed by Stephen Leeder

Commander Tollona Javio was a Peacekeeper officer and the commander of the Gammak Base visited by John Crichton near the end of his first cycle in the Uncharted Territories. Javio answered only to Scorpius. Javio greeted Crichton, who had disguised himself as Peacekeeper Captain Larraq, and, like many of the men at the base, had an immediate attraction to Crichton's companion, Chiana. This later allowed him to recognize Chiana after she had disguised herself as a Peacekeeper tech in hopes to slip away from the base. After rejecting Chiana's offer to come with him, he tried to kill her. When his shot missed, skimming a tank full of flammable materials, Chiana used it to kill him, burning him alive. ("Nerve")