General Turralde
First appearance "Return of the King"
Last appearance "Twice More Unto the Breach"
Species Hynerian
Affiliation Hynerian Navy

Turralde was a general and leader of the Hynerian Navy. When Rygel was contacted by his ex-wife Mmyna, she made the claim that Turralde was one of three generals still loyal to their previous monarch and had assembled an army to help overthrow Rygel's cousin, Dominar Bishan. This turned out to be a deception, however, as Turralde joined his fellow Hynerians in betraying Rygel and capturing him along with this companions Chiana and Ka Jothee. In spite of this showing of loyalty, Turralde was imprisoned by Bishan and handed over to the Peacekeepers for being a threat to his power.

Not surprisingly, this caused Turralde to turn on Bishan for Rygel. He assisted his former Dominar in escaping and hijacking the Peacekeeper ship and would continue to work with him in a reverse coup against Bishan. He accompanied Rygel through the rest of the operation, and was present when they finally stormed Bishan's palace, allowing Rygel to finally reclaim his throne.

Less than a cycle later, Turralde engaged and defeated an invasion fleet of Grennij ships that had invaded Hynerian space. When the Grennij returned with the Kkore, he was confident they would be able to do so again. The Kkore's weaponry, however, was beyond anything the Hynerian vessels could handle and Turralde's fleet was quickly destroyed. The general's final act was to send a message to the empire's Palace Planet, warning of the coming invasion.

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