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First appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Last appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Gender Male
Species Delvian
Known Family Tahleen (daughter)
Portrayed by Max Phipps
"Teacher, leader, holy reaper, seeker of the flame."
― Tuzak

Tuzak was a Delvian Pa'u and revolutionary who led a group of missionaries to the New Moon of Delvia in hopes of creating a new kind of Pa'u who could be used against the oppressive Delvian government and its Peacekeeper allies. His attempts to harness and use his dark impulses, however, progressed too quickly for him to control and he went insane, allowing his daughter Tahleen to take control of the sect he created. He, meanwhile, did little more than wander the temple grounds and tend the orchard outside, claiming that sanctity roots did not grow on trees.

Tuzak recognized his daughter's ambitions and when Moya arrived with Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan aboard, he warned John Crichton that Zhaan could be in danger from Tahleen. Zhaan later met with Tuzak herself and asked him if she should share her knowledge with Tahleen. Though he guaranteed that Tahleen would use the knowledge to hurt others, he also conceded that it might be what was needed to free Delvia.

Later, after Tahleen had shared Unity with Zhaan and stolen the knowledge of Zhaan's power, she confronted her father, concerned that his well known voice would be a threat to hers. Though he urged her to learn from his mistakes, Tahleen did not listen and killed him instead. The murder of her father served to illustrate how far Tahleen had fallen and would soon lead to her defeat.


  • (To Zhaan): I respect your choice of murder victims.
  • The young refuse to tend the orchard. Sanctity Roots don't grow on trees my dear.
  • When the darkness rises up from inside - that is normal. IT'S WHEN YOU REACH DOWN TO PULL IT UP - that the noxious warnings sound.