Adam Garcia
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Filming Falcons
First appearance 2/22/83
Last appearance ???????
Nickname(s) Toby The Wonder Midget; Flash; Craig Mickles; "Hey, You"
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation United States of America
Age 24
Romantic Associations Single
Known Family Tom, father; Nancy, mother; Karen, sister; Craig, brother; Elena, sister
Vehicle of Choice Subway Train, Car
Weapon of Choice The Pen, (mightier than the sword)

Founder of the original Farscape Encyclopedia, Adam can often be found protecting the skies from flying koalas.

He works on this site when bored at work.

Honors[edit | edit source]

  • Feburary 2007 Scaperpedian of The Month

Links[edit | edit source]

IMDB Pier's End Production

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