Veneks were a bipedal species that once inhabited the Jocacean Memorial Planet. They had notable feline features, somewhat resembling lions from Earth. Their military was known as the Venek Horde, and were infamous for their bloodlust. While the generals could be more reasonable, they only had limited control of the Horde. In combat, they preferred to fight with primitive weapons while employing a pulse weapon jammer.

In the past, the Veneks came into conflict with the Peacekeepers over the planet's water supply, culminating in a Venek attack on a Jocacean monastery which was mostly inhabited by female nurses and children. Originally, after 30 Peacekeepers died in this attack, the Veneks agreed to a truce and allowed the women and children to evacuate. After Moya's crew accidentally changed the timeline, however, the Veneks slaughtered the women and children instead. While the Veneks abandoned the planet in the original timeline, it is unclear if this is the case in the altered timeline as well. ("...Different Destinations")

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