Verell is very still
First appearance (1.05 "Back and Back and Back to the Future")
Last appearance (1.05 "Back and Back and Back to the Future")
Species Ilanic
Affiliation Ilanic military
Age Deceased
Portrayed by John Clayton


Verell was a male Ilanic and scientist for his people's military. He served during the Ilanic/Scorvian War, involved in a project to develop a superweapon using a black hole to use against their archenemies the Scorvians. He worked closely with his assistant Matala, whom he did not realize was a Scorvian in disguise.

Three cycles into the war, the singularity-based weapon was ready for field testing. The test went wrong, however, and the Ilanic cruiser conducting the test was destroyed. Only Verell and Matala managed to escape in a shuttle with the weapon on board. They were discovered and rescued by Moya where they were welcomed by Moya's Luxan crewmember Ka D'Argo. Honoring their blood bond, Verell was happy to receive D'Argo's aid, though he and Matala chose to hide their true purpose at first, claiming that they had merely been out doing research rather than an actual test.

After being exposed to the weapon, the ship's human crewmember John Crichton began experiencing time displacement, during which he discovered Matala's true identity and witnessed Verell killed a number of times. At one point in his time jumping, Crichton confronted Verell, and the scientist confirmed that the quantum singularity was likely the cause of his movement through time.

As Verell neared the weapon's completion, Matala had already contacted the Scorvians who were on their way to collect the weapon. When D'Argo and Crichton confronted her, Matala let her true identity and allegiance be known, fatally slashing Verell with a knife and fleeing for the shuttle. With his dying breath, Verell disabled the black hole's containment within the shuttle. As Moya starbursted away, the singularity consumed the shuttle and the recently arrived Scorvian cruiser. Verell's death was not in vain.


  • Luxans truly are the best allies one could want. Just getting us to the rendezvous point will help the war effort more than you can know.
  • (About a black hole): Its power and application are unimaginable. It is the ultimate weapon.
  • (Dying words): Black hole... black hole...Must destroy before the Scorvians...


  • Due to the fragility of his makeup and prosthetics, John Clayton was not able to move too much and thus Verell became a very still, and seated character.


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