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Virginia Hey
Birth name Virginia Robyn Hey
Born June 19, 1952
Coogee, New South Wales, Australia
Height 5' 10½" (1.79 m)

Virginia Hey is an Australian actress widely known as her role as Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan on the popular science fiction television program Farscape.


Virginia Hey was born in Coogee, New South Wales, Australia. She has three brothers and a sister and also three grandmothers.

Hey began her career as a fashion model after being discovered at a bus stop. She appeared on several magazine covers and started her acting career in television ads (57 in all), television drama and films in Australia and the UK. At 21 she married but the marriage only lasted six months. She also dated Michael Hutchence, and John Taylor from Duran Duran.

Among Hey's best known film roles are the Warrior Woman in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and as a Bond girl in The Living Daylights. One of her most notable roles on television was that of the blue priestess Zhaan in Farscape, for which she was nominated for best supporting actress. Hey left the show after three seasons because she wanted to grow her hair and eyebrows (she had to shave both for the show). Health reasons were also a contributing factor - Hey has explained that the blue makeup worn over her head and chest to achieve Zhaan's appearance caused her kidneys to bleed, resulting in a subsequent decline in her health.[1]

Hey has also appeared in various Australian soap operas, including Prisoner as Leigh Templar, Neighbours as Beth Travers, E Street as Jennifer St. James, and Pacific Drive as Margaux Hayes. She was cast as Praetorian Senator Adelphioa/sari in the scifi show Omega One, but as of January 2010 the show had still not left pre-production.[2]

Outside of her acting career, Hey teaches meditation across the United States, and is certified in Reiki in 1998 and natural therapy. White Flower Lei is the company Hey founded, selling an upscale line of soaps and candles. She now lives in Florida. She has studied naturopathy, homeopathy and herbal medicine since 1992.

Virginia Hey has some martial arts training. At 17 she studied Judo and Karate, earning a blue belt in Judo and an orange in karate. [3]

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