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"Friend... Friend... Friend"
First appearance Beware of Dog
Last appearance Beware of Dog
Gender N/A
Species Vorc
Affiliation Moya
Known Family None
Weapon of Choice Vorc in attack mode
Portrayed by Virginia Weule (Voice)
"Hey little fella. We're going to roll the dice. But you make one wrong move I will shoot you. You understand shoot? Ka-tow, ka-tow, ka-tow. Little bolts of light. Ooouch." - John Crichton to Vorc


A Vorc was a small creature bred to locate vermin and parasites and then dispose of them. This creature does his hunting in two forms. ("Beware of Dog")


With about 16 minutes left in the episode the Vorc is traveling in a hallway being followed by Aeryn and Crichton. You can see a rope to the left and an arm of a person guiding the puppet down the corridor.