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First appearance (4.18 "Prayer")
Last appearance (4.19 "We're So Screwed - Fetal Attraction")
Gender Female
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Scarran Empire
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Jenek's ship
Portrayed by Sandy Gore


Nurse Vreena was a servant (a slave) aboard Captain Jenek's ship when Aeryn came on board and was imprisoned. Vreena was in charge of tending to Aeryn's medical needs and keeping her alive so that Captain Jenek could interrogate her and take her to Katratzi alive. She was also responsible for earning Aeryn's trust so that Aeryn might reveal the identity of her fetus' biological father. Later, Vreena unknowingly met up with Crichton and his group while they were on the Scarran border station during the quarantine brought on by the Hynerian Dermapholica Noranti released onto the station. She agreed to knock boots with Crichton, thinking he was a Peacekeeper spy working for the Scarrans, in exchange for the cure to the illness that kills Hynerians, Kalish, and Sebaceans. After granting him permission to board Jenek's ship, she was knocked out by Crichton after he saw Aeryn. Vreena was present later, while Jenek was interrogating Crichton. She eventually died of Dermapholica some time later.


"Feeling better?"

"Captain Jenek will force it from you. He believes that if he can gain the wormwhole knowledge the scarrans will reward him. Right now he is dreaming of palaces and virgins."

"Peacekeepers, scarrans, what does it matter who rules? I'll never be in charge. I'm just doing what i have to to survive. I sugest you do the same."