Vyna is quite transparent
First appearance (2.03 "Taking the Stone")
Last appearance (2.03 "Taking the Stone")
Gender Female
Species Sebaceanoid
Affiliation Clansmen
Romantic Associations Das
Portrayed by Michela Noonan

Bio[edit | edit source]

Vyna was a female Clanswoman who lived in the bowels of the Royal cemetery planet. She was Das' mate and conceived a child with him.

When John Crichton and Aeryn Sun arrived on the planet to find Chiana, Vyna was fascinated to see a woman of Aeryn's age, whom the Clansmen considered to be "historic". Vyna later witnessed Das' suicide, but felt showed little remorse in his death. She did, however, attempt to get drunk. Later, she gave Chiana her blessing to "take the stone."

Vyna's transparent pregnant belly.

When she finally gave birth to her baby, she refused help from Crichton and Aeryn as it was the Clansmen way to endure it alone. Though she admitted that Das seemed to know something about the Clansmen's young age of death, she rejected the idea of living on the surface, even to extend the life of her child.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • When narl comes, Chiana wants to jump. I gave her my blessing.
  • Das... Oh my poor Das...
  • Molnon didn't make Das jump garda! The rules of the Clan did! Das understood! In the final, Das scoped that truth!
  • He Took The Stone! He'll live forever now. LOOK AT YOU! YOU'RE OLD! YOU'RE WORN OUT! NOW GO! JUST GO!

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