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Scorpius' daddy.
First appearance (3.11 “Incubator”)
Last appearance (3.11 “Incubator”)
Gender Male
Species Scarran
Affiliation Scarran Empire
Known Family Scorpius (son)
Portrayed by Thomas Holesgrove

Wolesh is a Scarran soldier. He is perhaps best known for being the father of Scorpius by Rylani Jeema Dellos.

Decades before John Crichton's arrival in the Uncharted Territories, a Leviathan full of Sebacean colonists is attacked by the Scarrans and everyone aboard the Leviathan is killed. One transport pod, however, manages to escape. The Scarrans soon discover it, however, and send Wolesh either as a single scout or the point in their boarding party. Wolesh comes across the pod's two Sebacean occupants, Rylani and Ghebb Dellos. He shrugs off several pulse pistol blasts from Ghebb, before killing the man and capturing Rylani.

Later, in a horrific experiment of which the purpose is to see if Sebaceans can be used as breeding stock, Wolesh forces himself upon bound and captive Rylani. She would later die giving birth to Scorpius.

Wolesh's fate is unknown.



  • Wolesh was the fourth Scarran played by Thomas Holesgrove. He had previously played Cargn, Grath, and Plonek and would later portray Alcar and Naj Gil. His other Farscape roles included Tak, Teurac, Tocot, Moordil, and Vek.
  • Curiously, Wolesh looks very similar to Plonek. Whether is there is a relation there or just coincidental remains unknown.