Gender Male
Age Deceased

Xocgerg was a powerful crime lord who resided on the planet Ytrehod. In his position, he ran most operations on Ytrehod and its moon Egrof, including the refinement and exporting of the lubricant orujna.

When Moya visited Ytrehod in search of parts and medicinal herbs, Xocgerg discovered who they were and had Zhaan and Rygel imprisoned, hoping to turn them in for their bounties to the Peacekeepers. The rest of Moya's crew were able to rescue their crew mates and Xocgerg was killed in the escape.

Xocgerg's death left a power vacuum on Ytrehod and Egrof as his subordinates tried to take control of their deceased crime lord's operations. On Egrof, two of Xocgerg's lieutenants, Esseret and Kitrap battled for control of the moon, leading to economic ruin and the halting of its exports, such as orujna. Three quarters of a cycle after Xocgerg's death, Ka D'Argo returned with Jool and helped resolve the conflict.

Behind the scenesEdit

Xocgerg's name is "Greg Cox" backward, another prominent author who has written tie-ins for Star Trek, DC comics, Marvel comics, Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, The Terminator, and C.S.I.


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