Yanglin (Tauma's Folly)




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Tauma Black Hole

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Sheyang Raiders


While the Sheyangs refer to their world as Yanglin, most starcharts list it as Tauma's Folly, after the first ship captain to crash there. Yanglin itself is a tropical world covered in jungles, but has a few large bodies of water. Most races consider teh planet uncomfortably hot and humid, and Yanglin also has a highly acidic atmosphere which causes most racs to break out in a rash shortly after exposure. Few off-worlders can survive a prolonged stay without some manner of breathing apparatus.

Yanglin would be an unremarkable world if not for the Tauma Black Hole, located just outside the star system. The region around the Yanglin system developed a reputation as a starship graveyard: the black hole's small size and unusually small sensor signature allowed it to go unnoticed, leading to numerous mysterious disappearances over the cycles. Yanglin was the only habitable planet nearby on which to make repairs, but between the acidic atmosphere and the hostile natives, few ships that landed there ever left. When the Peacekeepers entered the region, they mapped out the black hole after losing a few ships to its gravitational distortions. Since then, most ships have been able to avoid the local hazards.

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