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The Zelbinion is the name of a Peacekeeper command carrier that took part in a Peacekeeper invasion into Nebari space more than 100 cycles before John Crichton's arrival in the Uncharted Territories

Among Peacekeeper lore and beyond, the Zelbinion was supposed to be infallible, but it was disabled and boarded by the Nebari and its entire crew killed. Only its captain Selto Durka survived the attack.

Dominar Rygel XVI began his captivity with the Peacekeepers on the Zelbinion. He was constantly tortured and humiliated by Durka during his time there, but claims that Durka never broke him.

The crew of Moya came across the drifting wreckage of the Zelbinion and managed to salvage parts of its aged defense screen which they installed on Moya. In the process of salvaging the screen and other parts from the ship, the crew discovered the Peacekeeper tech Gilina Renaez still aboard, the only survivor of an earlier Sheyang attack. She agreed to help them repair some of the Zelbinion's systems and when the Sheyang vessel returned, she helped them to get the screen working again and defeat the Sheyang. The crew of Moya left with the defense screen and allowed to Gilina to remain behind to be recovered by Captain Crais. ("PK Tech Girl")