Planet of originZenet
Height of average adult1.5 to 2 meters
DistinctionsNearly identical appearance to male Sebaceans; No dichotomy between genders

Zenetans are anthropoid bipeds, comparable to Sebaceans in size and build. Their physical appearance varies as widely as the Sebaceans', but golden skin and dark eyes tend to dominate. By Sebacean standards, they are not a pretty people: scruffy, mangy, and ill-kempt. Androgyny appears to be the norm - males and females have few external differences, and even other Zenetans sometimes grow confused. Female Zenetans can "pass" as male if they wish with little chance of detection. This lack of physical diversity would lead an outsider to wonder just how Zenetans find mates and carry on the species. When one Zenetan is attracted to another, he or she secretes pheremones that only another Zenetan can detect.

Homeworld[edit | edit source]

The planet Zenet, in the Uncharted Territories.

Society[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of the Zenetans outside the Uncharted Territories. They are a spacefaring race, involved in trade with other worlds. Their society is close-knit and, for the most part, peaceful and industrious. Because of their dependence on industry, the government instituted strict guidelines for production and distribution. As a result, Zenetan society is very structured - citizens share all revenue equally, providing a stable economy and lifestyle for the people. Unfortunately, such uniform prosperity stifles attempts to better oneself and one's situation. There is no formal religion on Zenet - the government is the religion to most citizens, and loyalty to those in power takes the place of reliance on any deity. As long as life continues at a pleasant pace, the majority are satisfied to leave decisions to their "betters."

Pirates[edit | edit source]

A small segment of Zenetan culture has broken away from their kin, taking to the spacelanes as freebooters and raiders. Zenetan Pirates mark their own with large facial tattoos.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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