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Noble son
First appearance (4.9 "A Prefect Murder")
Last appearance (4.9 "A Prefect Murder")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean (likely)
Romantic Associations Sikozu
Known Family Gaashah (father)
Weapon of Choice Pulse pistol
Portrayed by Brett Stiller

Zerbat was the son of Gaashah and his successor, a young clan member who had been sent off-world during the last war on his planet (which caused a lack of trust amongst others, as off-worlders were regarded as dangerous and corrupting on the planet). He became the Prefect of the clans after the deaths of his father and the current Prefect.


As the son of a clan leader and future Prefect, Zerbat was his successor and replacement, which meant he had to be careful of his reputation. While the crew of Moya were staying on his planet, he entered a relationship with Sikozu which could have stirred trouble with the clan leaders. When his father was murdered, he hunted for his killer, Aeryn Sun, but was stopped by the priest Paroos and instead confronted the real cause of trouble, the current Prefect Falaak.

Afterward, the crew left the planet and he became the new Prefect of the clans.




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